Long Term Moving Containers In Abilene, TX

Go Mini’s specializes in high-quality mobile storage containers. 

Essentially, the self storage unit is brought to you. You will never have to spend valuable time traveling to the storage unit. Go Mini’s works around your busy schedule!

Simply give us a call and let us know more about your storage and transportation needs. We deliver the Mini to your door, bring the rental agreement to you, and deliver any additional packing materials. From there, we’ll pick up your Mini and move locally, or store it at our secure facility. You can even keep the Mini at your site for convenient access.
Warehouse Storage

We bring the Mini to you! You load it and we store your Mini at our facility. When you need your goods back, just give us a call. We’ll bring the Mini back to you.

On-Site Storage

We bring the Mini to you and leave it at your site for easy access. Perfect for remodeling projects or cleaning out the garage.

Local Moving

We bring the Mini to your house; you load it and then we move it to your new home. You never have to worry about driving large trucks. Once you unload your possessions, we take the Mini away. Moving has never been more convenient!
Go Mini’s Is Your Solution For Residential Storage & Transportation
  • Local moving and self storage
  • Remodeling assistance and on-site storage
  • Temporary storage for home renovations
  • Storage for excess furniture and belongings when selling your home
Commercial Service
  • Storage for excess inventory
  • Secure tools and materials from your jobsite
  • Perfect temporary storage for festivals and events
Long Term Moving Containers Abilene, TX

Contact Us To Ask About Our Self Storage Containers!

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to contact one of our friendly representatives. All you have to do is call 325-692-6360 to learn more about our short and long term moving containers.
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