Welcome to Go Mini’s of Abilene

Go Mini's of Abilene offers the best portable storage and moving solutions in the market. Go Mini's patented containers have a superior design, and we are the only portable moving and storage company in the market with a 20 foot container. Whether you need portable storage, or a simple and convenient way to move across town or across the state, Go Mini's is the perfect alternative to traditional moving and storage options.

For more information on Go Mini's please call us at: 325.692.6360.

The Truth About Load Shift

Go Mini's reliable delivery system does not cause load shift. Load shift can occur when any delivery truck is in transit if the load is not secured. When self packing and loading, it is important to tie down your load whether it's going into a rental truck or a container loaded on a truck. A load may shift when the truck starts, stops, goes around curves, up and down hills and across RR tracks and other bumpy surfaces, not while the truck is sitting in your driveway getting loaded or unloaded. Go Mini's acknowledges this load shift fact. That is why Go Mini's containers feature tie down railings at two levels around the entire interior to secure your valuable belongings. So, don't be fooled by claims that a delivery system will prevent load shift and...

"Always Secure Your Load For The Ride Down The Road"